Pasi B: Ruins
Pasi B: Porvoo
Robert GLOD (Bob): Carnaval Vénitien de Longwy
Robert GLOD (Bob): Carnaval Vénitien de Longwy
Musicaloris: Tracks in the sand
Andre T 44: Tant de pas dans une Vie qui passe vite……
Musicaloris: Path and off-path
Wildlife Terry: The Weir at Chester
carolyngifford: Kenilworth Castle
carolyngifford: Kenilworth Castle
Alexxx1979: Volga River 132
Jusotil_1943: C040716
crapatdarts: Tunnel vision.
Meta Lands: Athens Color Festival / 14-15 June 2014
Mia Battaglia photography: Vicenza (Italy)
alden0249: Lily
alden0249: magic on the Nullarbor
pom'.: Cagnes-sur-Mer, Alpes-Maritimes
SASAKI-SUN: 2023鹿耳門煙火
LesHutchinson: 2023 01 21 - bath plug
miguel.discart: 2022-11-13_17-14-03_ILCE-7C_DSCEE2681_DxO
Denish C: Heliconia (IMG_1390b)
Ralph Earlandson: Endless Waves of Sand
dervishdesign: round forms in hard crusty snow
Michael Fraley: St Ignatius Church 81
Hazman Zie: Let Her Go
tdlucas5000: Rosemary Breakfast
string_bass_dave: Generations