bjcoving: Morning Harvest Begins
auntneecey: discovery
auntneecey: seaweed
auntneecey: magic mushrooms
auntneecey: plump plum
auntneecey: cheers for cherries
Wes Iversen: Spoon Handle At 10 O'Clock
allyson.marie: .a field full of wishes.
bjcoving: Hummingbird at thte Feeder
bjcoving: The Elvis House
allyson.marie: .fancy that.
allyson.marie: .r e l a x.
allyson.marie: .breathing you.
allyson.marie: .hope is the only thing stronger than fear.
rodburkey: "Flame Of The Forest"
rodburkey: "Grey & Wet 1"
rodburkey: "Grey & Wet 2"
allyson.marie: be wild • but stay soft
Shelby's Trail: Inside looking out...
Tracey Rennie: Can I drink my tea now?
bjcoving: Dec 12 Full Moon over Iowa
allyson.marie: Bokeh & blur
bjcoving: November Sunset
bjcoving: November Moonrise
allyson.marie: .late november silence.
rodburkey: "Autumnal Red"
bjcoving: Harvest Time
bjcoving: Harvest Time
allyson.marie: .window to lost souls.
bjcoving: IMG_8487