krisjul66: Medina Spirit
John Heney: Please, I just want to go home---!
krisjul66: Super Game & Fantail
Andrew 62: Why the long face?
delesalle: Wild Horses of Alberta (Alberta Wildie)
John Heney: A perfect sandwich!
Hawk 3663: Heavy Ploughing
Diggerthedog99: Beautiful shaped blaze on this feral horse
uwe125: Przwalskipferde - Przewalski's horse (Equus przewalskii)
SteelCity905: Hamilton Mounted Patrol Unit DSC00870
tallhuskymike: Gleichen Rodeo 2018
petermckay1: Horseplay
delecroix.richard: XE3-09724 copie
k_holdich: 02252 - The foal
VickieRans: VLR_2653Rory
John Heney: Oh N-o-o-o-o
krisjul66: Bob and Jackie & Heriberto Figueroa
danniearmstrong: Acceptance requires us to be brave, courageous and human. To leap into the unknown, trusting we will create a net to catch ourselves, regardless of what lies ahead
Marie du 35.: Contre-jour rural.
krisjul66: San Antonio Stakes
Funny Cyclist: Essex Heavy Horse Show 21-08-08 (25)r
Resolution45: Jindabyne Rodeo 2022
krisjul66: Grade I Malibu Stakes @ Santa Anita
tallhuskymike: Spruce Meadows "Pan American"
trevorottaway19: 4 in Hand
krisjul66: Missy P. & Mike Smith
Jen St. Louis: Christmas Thor
SomeBlokeTakingPhotos: IMG_3793 Manifold Show