maurosalvagnini: Taken by my wife
peer.heesterbeek: Because of the privacy legislation
maurosalvagnini: Notte da lupi
la_imagen: 001055
Francine MOIGNE: 023 - demi-deuil
picPick: Venice_148
picPick: Venice_143
Philippe Haumesser (+ 8000 000 view): Point de vue - Viewpoint
The Chimes: An Arm and A Leg
brandoninidaho1979: just more of my usual tropes
harvey jones photographs: Why did you do that?
Storyteller.....: Lost In Translation : The Pyramids
jh1970am: Harpa - Reikiavik - julio de 2019
jh1970am: Harpa - Reikiavik - julio de 2019
Mrxh00: 1969 On our way to the moon....
Mrxh00: Celebrating the Apollo XI 50th anniversary with a moon partial eclipse.....
Jehanne Bout D'Espoir: L'autre souffle.
Tata Kazika: The Kingdom of Pan and Spoon
Tata Kazika: Six notes on a base guitar
Irina1010: Sunset, the fiery kiss to the night
Raphael de Kadt: Reflections ! In Memoriam, Alexius Amtaika and Wala.
carso2: The square on saturday afternonn
peer.heesterbeek: The running man
Philippe Haumesser (+ 8000 000 view): La route du Col de Stelvio - The Stelvio Pass Road
Miss AA-Thanks to all for your support.: “The true genius of a Woman is her subtle flair in creating the illusion that you are the smart one” ― Josh Stern
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