ikaune: 1300 - Tour Magdala, Renne le Château, 2010
ikaune: 1049 - Boulogne sur mer, 2009
Fred Luckythirteen: Place Thiers Sous La Pluie
Michael M. Thomas: Long Island / New York
Charles in Shanghai: May I have this dance?
Pablo Urnieta: Carrousel...
Baz 120: Lies a River Deep.
Charles in Shanghai: Christmas party, Shanghai, 1938
Pablo Urnieta: Old town...
mamasuco: Noir c'est noir.....
Baz 120: Stepping Beyond Intention.
Charles in Shanghai: Group portait colleagues Holland-China Trading Company in Dutch costumes, Shanghai, ca. 1920
mamasuco: Le petit mur....
Seedeich: bambi and the water tower
Pablo Urnieta: That's Rock N Roll...
Charles in Shanghai: Shanghai Volunteer Corps, 1936, Van den Brandeler-Meyrier archives
Charles in Shanghai: Java-China-Japan Line advertisement, The China Press, Shanghai, 1938
Baz 120: Split personality.
Seedeich: HØYER - AC - GUNDE 03
Charles in Shanghai: Group in Shanghai, ca. 1899
Seedeich: HØYER - AC - GUNDE 02
Baz 120: Turn of the screw.
alainpere407: Vitesse speed
mamasuco: L'attente commence à être longue.....
Baz 120: Dangerous Passage.
Charles in Shanghai: Itinerant barbers, ca. 1910 Hong Kong
19wolfy: Keep smiling