TROY SR.: Said A Prayer For Ya Today! #prayoveryou #prayers
Gate Gustafson: Good men [do not go gentle into that good night]
LordAtlas: A good Cover
Gate Gustafson: La tentative de l'impossible
LordAtlas: The Two Knights of John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford
LordAtlas: The Coming of The Faceless Entities
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comiccon2017: KingsofJudah
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Gate Gustafson: High anxiety [Pepper's wonderous stories]
Gate Gustafson: A touch of verdigris
TROY SR.: Why is it that sometimes your haunted by your past? In other words all the sudden it decides to come up unexpected! You thought you've been forgiven even when they told you were but then you find out that you're not. You've had some people that have talk
TROY SR.: I love y'all, #imadethisforyou
TROY SR.: I love y'all, We're in this together!! #momentwithGod #roarlikealion #standfirminyourfaith
TROY SR.: I Love When The Holy Spirit Takes Over The Service!! #holyspirit #churchservice #wednesdaynightservice