Michele Grazia: Thy righteousness is like the great mountain
john linney2012: A Moment of Contemplation
demeeschter: Solar dos Pinheiros
stevanbg66: 854 Sunset I
Il_Nulla: Oltrepo_DSCF3922
heathrow.junkie: Eastern Bloc double 😎 :) CCCP-86622 Aeroflot Ilyushin Il-62M lines up for a runway 28L departure at London Heathrow operating flight SU242 to Moscow
Gaynor Henry - off and on: Turquoise mirage
Emmanuel Cattier -: Il est minuit, tombe la neige du printemps
Albi1967: Erlenzeisig
unjourquilfaisaitnuit: Un jardin Gersois
sid2sid: DSC02581_P77 6
unjourquilfaisaitnuit: Mon beau Gers
Vladimir Zhdanov: The Altiplano palette... / Палитра Альтиплано...
Belano.: Competencia.
dimasteraz1: South station square. Moscow, Russia
onneon: Winter
Dimi Alexeyev: DSCF6686
Train Staff Tf: DSC_5396
sasastro: Fog on the Ouse
Neil M Holden: Catherine Palace, Pushkin
Miranda@: Reflective river
Alexxx1979: Volga 280
Сhelyuskinets: Stingy winter sun
Сhelyuskinets: Stingy winter sun
alanchanflor: 🇪🇸Dos ojos/Two eyes EXPLORE#49
rui alexandre mendes: cruz de valbom
Passqual: DSCN4644 - La fuente de los Batanes - Alcaraz (Albacete)
Cetus13: High-speed train #777 to Moscow awaits on the Moskovsky Railway terminal of St Petersburg. The high-speed EVS1 (ЭВС1-08) dual-system EMU train called SAPSAN (the Peregrine, the fastest bird) is based on the Siemens Velaro (RUS) design and built in Germany