roobrew: Neglected
Scorpiol13: Golden Hour on Mount Battie (Fall, Camden, Maine)
philbrookjason: DJI_0771
philbrookjason: DJI_0727
lydiacassatt: Fog on the wetland, Maine
ojbfiddlestyx: Standish Town Hall
WernerG2011: Polishing the Big Cat
WernerG2011: Big Cat
Eric Gendron Photography: Coastal scene in Kittery, Maine.
ToddAPage-photography: _DSC4490 Glen Cove sunrise in Rockland Maine
ToddAPage-photography: _DSC4562 Brunswick Maine train bridge
ojbfiddlestyx: Edes Falls. Casco, Maine
ToddAPage-photography: _DSC4524 Camden Maine
roobrew: Old Wooden Door
just joani: Golden Hour on Hacker's Hill
Don Seymour: Harriman Point salt marsh
bdnilss2: Golden glow this fine Autumn day.
ojbfiddlestyx: Perfect light and sisters and yellow buoys and fall colors and boat lines and other stuff.
Acadia3D: Mr. Nibbles and Zipper 3D Crossview
Acadia3D: Goat Trio 3D Crossview
bdnilss2: Autumn
selfnoise: Fountain
bdnilss2: Shadows in the woods.
roobrew: Rock in the Water
ojbfiddlestyx: Low Tide Pine Point, Maine
imagemaker10: Autumn comes to Maine.
dennislyford221: The White Winter
The Pootie (Lisa): Pure Autumn