luc.durocher: Sixcéphale
luc.durocher: Goéland à bec cerclé
luc.durocher: Tripode contemplatif
luc.durocher: Goéland à bec cerclé
luc.durocher: Chalet à louer au bord de l'eau, non chauffé, éclairé le jour
luc.durocher: Cardinal rouge
luc.durocher: Écureuil gris
luc.durocher: Mésange à tête noire
luc.durocher: Les temps modernes
luc.durocher: Étouneau sansonnet
luc.durocher: Étourneaux
luc.durocher: Roselins
noates: Chatsworth Panorama
Striking Photography by Bo Insogna: Left Hand Tranquility
Frederik0711: Waste versus reproduction.
Frederik0711: Let the dripping clouds fade away and let the vegetation get reborn. To spring in to next season.
nnanri: untitled
lightoflanzarote: City Lights Melbourne...
Frederik0711: Inhalation of waste, wasted health, wasted waste, pollution of waste, waste of time.
Striking Photography by Bo Insogna: Soothing Wilderness Wonder
nnanri: untitled
Distagon12: DSC06600
Sam Mendolia Photography: Tri-Lausar 4.5cm f3.5 first lathe project M42 for Sony
Frederik0711: Shoot to thrill, not to kill.
mike | Power sunset...
mike | Perching high | SONY a7RII & EF100~400L IS II on Metabones T Mark V
mike | Blue harbor...