abandoned cultural house
Tourist der Vergangenheit: Good By Charlie
Sperrgebiet: Concentration camp. Soviet mural / Konzentrationslager. Sowjetisches Wandbild.
Sperrgebiet: Inside a weapon chamber: Weapons love maintenance, cleanliness and lubrication. / In einer Waffenkammer: Waffen lieben Pflege, Sauberkeit und Schmierung.
Sperrgebiet: Abandoned villa of the commander in chief of the Soviet forces in Germany Burlakow
soviet legacy: всегда на страже | immer auf der Hut abandoned cultural house in caucase
Sperrgebiet: Abandoned barrack with the typical Soviet style sad looking bent lightning rod
Sperrgebiet: Typical birch trees inside a Soviet barrack along a way Japanese administrative building
Sperrgebiet: Outside the actual bunker area with the three different zones was a seperat area with the emergency power supply. / Außerhalb des eigentlich Bunkerareals mit den drei Zonen war ein separates Gebiet mit dem Notstromdiesel.
Ecken und Kanten: bunt und rund.
Sperrgebiet: War head bunker 1 entrance covered against air reconnaissance
Evgeniy Sofiychuk: Заброшенный кирпичный завод
Sperrgebiet: Nuclear war head bunker 2. Truck loading station.
Sperrgebiet: Nuclear war head bunker. Gates between zone 2 and the 3 (the inner bunker area) were guarded with one man shelter. Mandatory the dog cages behind gate 1. in addition to that several shelters und watch towers in the spacious restricted area behind gate 2.
Tourist der Vergangenheit: Vereidigung / Swearing in Jüterbog
Sperrgebiet: Nuclear war head base. Instruction tabel for the guards. Translation below.
Sperrgebiet: Nuclear war head bunker. The third gates were far after the second one, very closed to the bunker. Left bottom photo left gate, right bottom photo right gate.
Sperrgebiet: Nuclear war head bunker. After the first gate (top) started the general area of the base. After the second gate (down) started the restricted area with a third gate later and the both bunkers inside.
Sperrgebiet: Nuclear war head bunker. Lenin memorial - entrance to a Soviet nulear war head bunker. On the way in face to face with Lenin, on the way out hammer and sickle
Dawid Rajtak: Abandoned Orthodox Church
Sperrgebiet: Truck maintenance station
lars feldhaus: ...pierced star in the sky.