A_Decostre: Rose Ballerina
andrzejskałuba: Z albumu "Róże"
amalia_mar: Σταγόνες δροσιάς!! P1090533
Luciano Querin: Buona domenica a tutti
Muslima2006: yellow rose
majeanlau: Rose Osiria
marjanrad: Calmness...
Luciano Querin: Tre rose
boeckli: One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between Man and Nature shall not be broken. (Leo Tolstoy)
andrzejskałuba: Z albumu "Róże"
marijoperier: Rose au château d' Yquem. Gironde
costagar51: Rosa di Capodanno
vasilydyachenko: Rose in autumn
Marie-35: Rose du jardin.
Christine_S.: rose with rosebuds
amras_de: Selig ist der reine Geist
irio.jyske: "The time has passed"
A_Decostre: Rose blanche
Luciano Querin: Buona notte...! Ciao...!🌹
andrzejskałuba: Z albumu "Róże"
Marie-35: Amboise.
amalia_mar: P1090512
Christine_S.: red and white rose
swetlanahasenjäger: Sehnsucht Rose / Yearning Rose