Baz 120: Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over...
Neil. Moralee: Time to reflect.
auriane.lauret: Everyone is standing at the crossroads of loneliness and love
bewo22: Semaine 38
dan45227: _9221174
ZO(ly): Sun
reikoe: Jobless
reikoe: 2 barts
dan45227: _9221188
dan45227: _9221182
Harry Teasley: Goong-Goong
sick of work: P1070408
Stephane James: Musician - Harvey
Jesimen Grignet: Modèl:Axelle
andredekok: Dawn is breaking
Sofia Sitnikiene: Stand By Me Always Dear Brother
Baz 120: Confused.
ngaza66: Street a via d'Azeglio (Parma)
ngaza66: Street a via d'Azeglio (Parma)
Lieven Symaeys: Caroline portrait ( on film )
Phil*ippe: Collage
patrick_milan: Phone camera
reikoe: Taking care
sick of work: P1070349