gerrypopplestone: A flock of porters!
gerrypopplestone: A roof top in Camberwell
gerrypopplestone: sorting out the gas
gerrypopplestone: Bent over a drain.
gerrypopplestone: Mechanical digging...
gerrypopplestone: Tapping a paving stone
gerrypopplestone: Gas repairs in Bellingham Road
triou eric: Amsterdam
JNP2014: Inspecting
gerrypopplestone: Erecting a stage frame
gerrypopplestone: Unloading packets in Trafalgar Square
JNP2014: Making noise
JNP2014: Started just as I was....
gerrypopplestone: Fixing a new building
JNP2014: Finished for the week
gerrypopplestone: Leading the chariot
gerrypopplestone: Leading one chariot
gerrypopplestone: A Mayfair sidestreet
gerrypopplestone: Digging the hole
gerrypopplestone: Digging the hole
gerrypopplestone: Cutting pavement slabs
gerrypopplestone: Cleaning up
Prairie Wonderer: Construction worker
gerrypopplestone: Peering through
gerrypopplestone: Cricket at the Oval
gerrypopplestone: Spraying the brickwork
gerrypopplestone: A thorough watering!
gerrypopplestone: Building the stage in Trafalgar Square
JNP2014: Another cable guy
JNP2014: Cable guy