9ilja8o: ~enchanted forest~ Duisburger Kupferhütte im Abendlicht
laurie.g.w: Camel Rock
avibar361: Goose Portraiture
Ôdonata: Dernières roses
steffos1986: Vintage lens photography
leo.roos: Deciduous conifer _ 2
Sigi.Ludwig: Melk Abbey Park, his Baroque garden pavilion with exotic frescoes, the “Paradise Garden”
Ron Hook: Smokey sunset caused as a result of smoke drifting in from regional bushfires. This was taken with a Sigma Telemax YS 135mm vintage lense.
avibar361: peacock
Espenad: A mountain lake in Norway.
leo.roos: Cascading Schlumbergera
ingrid_b21: water lilies
pepperberryfarm: post and blue sky...
Espenad: Autumn leaves
laurie.g.w: Sunset at The Island Arch at Loch Ard Gorge along The Great Ocean Road Victoria Australia
Bokey Shutter: Saint Romain le Puy Zorki 1 Jupiter 8 XP2 D76 (19)
bingley0522: Pescadero Creek
Yuri Macsimov: Ranunculus acris
spitzerua: IMGP5047 Am Alsumer Steig #2
Amie June: NEW TURKEY FRESCO Am Alsumer Steig #1
Of Light & Lenses: Dutch transport bike detail
günter mengedoth: Die Farben des Herbstes 2
BabakFarshchian: Kayaking in Nidelven, Trondheim, Norway
BabakFarshchian: Weathered facade of an old wharf, Trondheim, Norway
Nick Cowling: Autumn's Fairest Day
Nick Cowling: Contorted