_Veit_: Walking the dog
_Veit_: Up and down the inlet
_Veit_: Takeoff: Brown Pelican
_Veit_: Perched: Gold Finch
_Veit_: In a bush
Douglas Bawden Photography: Homer The Happy Lab
glassjudah: Hawk Hill Sunrise II - October 20, 2020
_Veit_: Portrait: Mule Deer Buck
jngai58: Golden Gate Fog at Blue Hour
_Veit_: Swimming with the coots
_Veit_: The rower and the ferry
_Veit_: Checking its surroundings
_Veit_: Portrait: Great Egret
glassjudah: Hawk Hill Sunrise - October 20, 2020
_Veit_: Finally: Time to eat breakfast
_Veit_: Let's take my breakfast somewhere else!
dcnelson1898: Light Trails on the Bridge
dcnelson1898: Fog Rolls on the Waldo Grade
glassjudah: Slacker Hill Sunrise - October 19, 2020
_Veit_: Picking in the mud
Matthew.Young: Crescent moon setting over the evening fog rolling in over Muir Woods and Frank Valley
kate beale: low fog coming through the gate
_Veit_: Perched on lookout
_Veit_: Final approach
_Veit_: Picking on a leaf
_Veit_: Portrait (2): Fox Sparrow
_Veit_: Swim-boarding