huzzahs: Tamalpais Motel
fksr: Sunspots on Thanksgiving Day
glassjudah: Mt. Tam Sunrise - December 20, 2018
Dana L. Brown: Coyote Brush and its profuse white, rayless flowers that bloom in early winter set against the autumnal pickleweed
mfetz1026: North Beach, PRNS.
_Veit_: Canoeing with a view
mfetz1026: Kehoe Beach, PRNS.
skipmoore: Take Me Home Country Road
skipmoore: Equestrian Trail
BECK17: Natalie Coffin Greene Park
allentimothy1947: Drakes Beach
skipmoore: The Path to Serendipity
skipmoore: Rush Creek Preserve
_Veit_: Evening Clouds
skipmoore: Rush Creek Preserve
skipmoore: Indian Hairbrush
_Veit_: Breakfast: Gold Finch
_Veit_: Strawberry / Mill Valley
Matthew.Young: Mt Tamalpais sunset
_Veit_: Mule Deer buck
Michael Dales: Mt Wittenberg
fksr: Sunset Watchers
scriabin12 (playing catch-up): Tesla cars (white) models 3 and S = dream cars
so1150: China Camp State Park, Buckeye Point, smoke chokes the air
fksr: The Distant Farallon Islands
Ant Fisher: Overlooked
_Veit_: Storm approaching
Michael Dales: Camouflage
jngai58: Point San Quentin in the Early Morning Light
fksr: Launch for Hire