rafhuggins: 1‘My heart is taken in a net Misled ill-used made captive too By promises and shows - but yet Happy with vows that are untrue’ from Chamber Music cycle, James Joyce streets of Soho London. 744BC8A-3B84-4BEF-AF44-0891BC65657C
thierrymazel: Douceur estivale !!
jarle.kvam: IMGP1383-Edit
enache_NH: Sanglier d'Europe • Sus scrofa
CpaKmoi: Le lac Majeur et l'isola dei Pescatori
rafhuggins: 3‘ 5. That night the city was attacked with rockets.’ from Lines for Translation into Any Language - James Fenton, Streets of Soho London, yesterday. A529063-FF2A-409D-BCF2-699B1309E372
CpaKmoi: Les jardins de la villa Taranto
darksly7: Naomie avril
rafhuggins: mama, how far am i gone from home? do you know what it‘s like to live on land who loves you back? From summer, somewhere - Danez Smith Under London. EF54D1E9-B28F-441E-8470-D8C2D9A63142
jarle.kvam: IMGP2687
Norlews: San Francesco
Croc'odile67: Un orage passe
jacgou: _MG_1388_DxO
Norlews: Gallipoli
enache_NH: Sus scrofa • Sanglier d'Europe
rafhuggins: ‘I met a King this afternoon! He had not a Crown indeed, A little Palmleaf Hat was all, And he was barefoot, I’m afraid.’ from 166 , Emily Dickinson Not the streets of London, south coast England. 5897DCEC-6720-4D1A-8301-3E41E20DCE22
thierrymazel: Aquarelle !!
dadoudenice1: 2013.01.terrasse du simona à Monaco
andeljmp99: pretty in pink
kingrapace: Sauge des bois
jarle.kvam: IMGP1502
Norlews: Symétrie
dadoudenice1: " Pont Gambetta " -NB-
Sœurette 67: Le ciel et ses couleurs ...
enache_NH: Grive litorne - Turdus pilaris
thierrymazel: Snowdrops !!!!
Norlews: Annecy