Kevin Farley: green tiles
broadswordcallingdannyboy: Staten Island Ferry, NYC
JMS2: Vesuvio Bakery
artcphoto: IMG_4131
artcphoto: IMG_4152
artcphoto: IMG_4189
artcphoto: IMG_4248
LoisInWonderland: Lower Manhattan
LoisInWonderland: In Battery Park
artcphoto: IMG_4318
artcphoto: IMG_4363
artcphoto: IMG_4395
artcphoto: IMG_4316
Kevin Farley: "I want to thank you"
artcphoto: IMG_4320
artcphoto: IMG_4303
wavz13: Welcome to the good old days. The World Trade Center hovers over a forest of rotting 19th century railroad piers at Exchange Place. Feels like doomsday. Jersey City. March 1977.
arubow4: A great view while cycling around Governors Island
street level: Coming 'round the Bend
Kevin Farley: greens
wavz13: Welcome to Lower Manhattan, 1856 style! Before photography, cities would hire artists to draw to-scale representations. This is a crop of a much larger image. On the bottom, it states "Sketched and Drawn on Stone by C. Parsons.
street level: Waffle House
wavz13: Wild sunflowers and a single cricket loom over the World Trade Center and the Lower Manhattan Skyline across the Hudson River. Taken from Liberty State park in Jersey City. June 2020
arubow4: Manhattan skyline viewed from Governors Island
artcphoto: _MG_4972
Kevin Farley: ...reopened !
artcphoto: IMG_3706
artcphoto: IMG_3470
sanfrancisco2005: Manhattan