Shelly MacNeil - Conway: Waiting by the window
zora_schaf: sheeps
Shelly MacNeil - Conway: milk and honey
Rino Palma: Fulvio "si è fatto" il ricsciò
Rino Palma: Alla festa di Pironti
Mister Blur: Bossa nova
galvanol: Dogs At Full Speed
Gene Dow: Barn Dance Trance
Mister Blur: Flying
Frédéric Fossard: Au Pays de la Pointe de Thorens (N/B)
gpaolini50: P1110697a impression !
gpaolini50: Urban portrait !!
mark909: salta. Argentina
*ines_maria: ...backstreets..
pascalcolin1: By passing in the circle
nlwirth: Among Giants
pascalcolin1: By leaving the station
graceindirain: #San Felice Circeo
*ines_maria: ... ifoursoulsaredreaming...
fogline: Reclined Sensuality
Death By Sushi: {hundred-ten}
Florent Metro: DSC_0528 Ouvertures sur les cieux.
gdo.bullseye: Isn't News Funny?!