Jarosław Łukaszewicz: {the snow is melting and the village is flooded with children}
manuelgraña: IMG_20161102_111448804
millicand79@gmail.com: Winter Scene & Monument/300 Let Rossiyskomu Voyennomu Flotu, Admiralteyskaya Ploshchad/Admiralty Square, Voronezh, Russian Federation.
Ed Fil: On The Run
Jean-Louis DUMAS: Chicago's Building
jaykay72.: You Wait For Ages . . . . .
jaykay72.: Pillar Of the Communtity
heinzkren: contemporary building
Elena m.d.: Vuelvansé adictos a caminar solos. Tarde o temprano les tocará caminar sin nadie.
ujkraus29: Climbing Up The Harbour Bridge Sydney
Coquine!: My Other Bike's A Harley
scoubidou13: Une enfant (au regard percant) des marchés sur une route du sud du Cambodge .
pauleß: dedication
la_imagen: 002395
giorgio bondi: Algeria - Central Sahara: date cultivation systems
Streetlife Snapper: Funny How It Fades Away
Streetlife Snapper: I Never Talk Much, I Just Sit Around
Streetlife Snapper: a well balanced diet
Streetlife Snapper: She's Got that Look in Her Eyes
Streetlife Snapper: Even With My Eyes Closed ( in Explore )
Streetlife Snapper: Blonde In The Wind
Streetlife Snapper: When The Lady Smiles
Streetlife Snapper: don't fret
Streetlife Snapper: His New Haircut