aRa10128: The Vessel, Hudson Yards
Tim Ide: HACULLA - FUK Art
Tim Ide: David Johansen
Tim Ide: Victoria Williams
Tim Ide: Chelsea Hotel After The Death Of Lou Reed
Tim Ide: New York Dog
Tim Ide: Lincoln Center
Tim Ide: Steve Buscemi
Tim Ide: Flat Iron Building
Tim Ide: The Girls Of Lincoln Center
Tim Ide: Laurie Anderson - Laurie Anderson's Shoes
Tim Ide: Julian Schnabel and...
Tim Ide: Willem Dafoe
Tim Ide: Felice Rosser
Tim Ide: Nona Hendryx
Tim Ide: Umbrella At Lincoln Center
Tim Ide: Broadway And Columbus Ave.
Tim Ide: Anohni
Tim Ide: Heart Over Manhattan
Tim Ide: Cat With A Man On His Ass
aRa10128: -night in red
ERREGI 1958: 16 West 33rd Street Google Maps
ERREGI 1958: 59th St Bridge Google Maps (1)
ERREGI 1958: 350 5th Ave Google Maps
ERREGI 1958: 727 5th Ave Google Maps (1)
ERREGI 1958: new york
lonetreehill: centralpark-8
aRa10128: Frieze.NYC. 2 very tired men. One of them is still alive.
aRa10128: Angel of the waters and snow
aRa10128: - first day of spring in NYC