kate beale: Going whole hog — San Francisco, Halloween 2020
wbaiv: Safety house, Tunnel fire burn-out area DSC_0707
JoeGarity: Pier in San Francisco Bay
grimescene: Crane.
Lee James Harrison: 2020_10_21_Final Tap_0288
Lee James Harrison: 2020_10_24_Victory Hall - Semi Open_0600
Lee James Harrison: 2020_10_23_Street Gang _0584
pbo31: brooklyn basin skyline
Larry Bolander Sr.: Misty Isles, Pacifica.
kate beale: Green room
kate beale: Cole Valley morning fog
kate beale: Golden Gate Park’s ill-timed Ferris wheel
Nfielden: Regal
Boortz47: Eerie 9a.m. landscape from CA wildfires
scriabin12 (playing catch-up): Mural on movie house wall, Mill Valley, Ca.
tourtrophy: Jenny Lind Disaster
grimescene: Portal.
JoeGarity: One year ago today; sunset over the Pacific
JohnKuriyan: Railway to Nowhere
pbo31: skystar on it's final night dark
pbo31: plastic impossible
Brian Krippendorf: Karl the fog LFE Golden Gate Bridge
sara silver: Wildflower-Field-Panorama
jacksonwwightman: For good or evil.
JoeGarity: California Street last night
LifeLover4: Blue Angels Over the Golden Gate Bridge