ayres_leigh: Laughing Gull
geoffmahiques: Another one from a trip to Scotland... A nocturnal session with the tawny owls
Fandazza: Mig 21 LanceR
jlfconceicao: Fuinha dos Juncos - Cisticola juncidis - Zitting cisticola
raihans photography: Pakistan International - Boeing 777-340ER - AP-BID
chris cox wildlife photos: Black-tailed Godwit
ibn_sina001: The Gherkin, London
ibn_sina001: London landscape, view from Unex Tower, Stratford
mnag62: Mr. Al having a silly moment
Ron Winkler nature: Golden-chevroned Tanager (Thraupis ornata)
walker_bc: Raindrops on Orange Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis)
rebeccalatsonphotography: Black Oystercatchers (And One Gull) On The Rocks
raihans photography: Saudi Arabian Airlines - Boeing 777-268ER - HZ-AKR
vischerferry: Knapweed and Dew Drops
yorgasor: Devils Tower
stu norris: Tornado GR4 ZA587 / 055 - RAF Marham
Shannon Rose O'Shea: Fresh fish and a good cigar. The only thing missing is a Scotch on the rocks.
Terrycym: Basingstoke Bison v Milton Keynes Lightning
geoffmahiques: Mrs Sparrowhawk from a trip up to Scotland
pixelsnap: That Winning Feeling
_SG_: _SG_2019_06_3017_IMG_4865
applemacman2010: Swallow (Hirundinidae)
Nadine Rhéaume: IMG_9654.jpg
SamOphoto2011: Yankee Lady_22
mrm27: Yellow Wagtail (motacilla flava flavissima)
mrm27: Red Knot (calidris canutus)
ayres_leigh: Black Skimmer