travelforfunandsoul: Ponta de Piedade_Lagos_Portugal_7070
steve_whitmarsh: Cloud Capped Mountains
Eiki Wang: 彰化芳苑濕地 wetlands
MS-1976: That's me. (De Panne)
MS-1976: Waves in De Panne
MS-1976: Male duck. (Nature reserve Adinkerke)
MS-1976: Mallard. (Nature reserve Adinkerke)
MS-1976: One of my first photos with a real camera. Luxembourg-City
MS-1976: Frozen meadow.
MS-1976: Front garden. ( De Panne)
MS-1976: Insect house (Nature reserve in Diksmuide)
steve_whitmarsh: Glen Quoich Panoramic
steve_whitmarsh: Bubble Abstract
Eiki Wang: 台中公園 湖心亭(整修中)
Eiki Wang: 台中公園 湖心亭(整修中)
MS-1976: #MiaSanMia# (Birthday present for my husband)
MS-1976: Christmas present.2019
MS-1976: 25.2.1970
MS-1976: Merry Christmas & a happy new year.
MS-1976: Snowman. Christmas 2019
MS-1976: Christmas 2019
MS-1976: De Panne
steve_whitmarsh: Rocking The Highlands
MS-1976: Quercus robur L.
Eiki Wang: 夕陽 芳苑濕地
MS-1976: Christmas. 2019
Eiki Wang: 芳苑濕地 風力發電