Kimmo Räisänen: Swan and tower at sunset
piktorio: willow shooting
piktorio: iron in a tree
Dekhana Photo: Hang In There
Dekhana Photo: Angus Shops
dubna30: My footprints from yesterday...
Robin Shepperson: Three, Six, Nine
faun070: Sydney '11
Dekhana Photo: Along The Fence A place to stay
Mister.Marken: restrained wall
Dekhana Photo: Small Fence on Gilford St
piktorio: embankment miniature
endemanf: DSC09997
endemanf: DSC00190
endemanf: DSC00133
endemanf: DSC00178
endemanf: DSC09982
endemanf: DSC00150
endemanf: DSC00097
endemanf: DSC00160
endemanf: DSC00124
endemanf: DSC00141