mar off: I'm brexiting. After twenty-two years living and working in Brexitland -formerly known and admired as the green and pleasant United Kingdom- the time has come to leave for pastures new. May harmony and reason return to 'Dear Old Blighty'.
Chris Protopapas: Lapidacio
Holger Rochow: Topreiter
Alfredo Rafael: Broadway on the Sky
luxio2: iglesia de la veracruz
l.cutolo: Elswout main entrance path
jamessensor: Automn atmosphere
Garry_Smith1976: Black Church - Iceland
nickson555_2.0: DSC09533
miguel.discart: 2019-10-13_16-17-07_ILCE-6500_DSC05503_DxO
rainerpetersen657: Park and Train Station
bokehizm: _DSC0442
Jason 87030: 36155, London Road
Noel Feans: Portodemouros
miguel.discart: 2019-10-13_16-14-13_ILCE-6500_DSC05445_DxO
aleks2019: Dinner at the mountains
PAJ880: Long Shot 2
PAJ880: 41 St and Broadway
Chris Protopapas: Burgal [detail]
swen paterson: Stony Walk
l4ts: Ladybower Sunrise
pH1.74: DSC03503
pH1.74: DSC03500
pH1.74: DSC03499
- ABL -: Spider and Lightpaint
- ABL -: Tunnel Lightpaint
pushpitha3: Farmer