Weltbürgerin: waiting for customers...
lrodigu: Why?
maggiolonegiallo: People 150
sunrise25: Truckertreffen Geiselwind 2019
Eric.Ray: Its raining
Nathan_Arrington: The Past 808
Life and Photo: M62-1558
evablanchardcouet: bit frosty
Alexandre D_: Greater flamingo
gcobb84: Flowing Water
@Tuomo: sunny side of the street
plismo: Caribbean Beach Huts
spurs352002: Cardiff 18/6/19
mrieffly: Curves
plismo: Collared Dove
SALVO 1: Corso Garibaldi Chiavari /GE)
Andreas Komodromos: Golden Spillover - Limassol, Cyprus
maggiolonegiallo: People 151
The Very Best of Yuri Novitsky: Amazing Sunset - Kaliningrad, Russia (10.12.2018)
The Very Best of Yuri Novitsky: Charles Bridge in Black and White - Prague, Czech Republic (24.09.2011)
The Very Best of Yuri Novitsky: The Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) - Amritsar, Punjab, India (26.02.2014)
plismo: Cactus on the trail
rumimume: Temple - Weathered Stone
Chano_Sanchez_: Back to Her || Volver a Ella (Fontana di Trevi, Roma; Lazio. Italy)
toowoomba surfer: G-EUPJ BRITISH AIRWAYS AIRBUS A319
A tramp in the hills: Dirty bums....and some cows.
wardkeijzer_107: Do you hear me...or do I have to repeat it again?
pas le matin: Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
dirk huijssoon: Oystershell - inspired man to 'invent' rooftiles