JamieMcCracken: Life takes you down many paths but my favourite ones lead to the beach.
Daniel Q Huang: Bursting clouds over the bridge
Frans Berkelaar: Zeller See by Zell am See - Salzburg - AT
Clyde Thornhill: Coastline near Cape Spear, NL.
George Kurzik: Tower (IR)
photodkx: 219"
Alec Lux: The Water Is Always Deeper Than What It Reflects I
rosgloryfire: Sorrento - Australia
sylgee: Pier Perspective II
JamieMcCracken: First time being back at the Giants Causeway in years! What a spectacular place to sit and watch the sun go down..
eb78: missouri river crossing
Frans Berkelaar: Krimmler Wasserfälle - Salzburg - AT
Cembe Héctor: A contraluz - Backlighting
George Kurzik: City Lights (IR)
Ozlem Acaroglu(www.ozlemacaroglu.com): The port of Iskenderun...
JamieMcCracken: I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went. Then it dawned on me🤔
Juan Galián: Texturas entre rocas
George Kurzik: Manayunk (IR)
mysterious-man: Monastery ruins
Alec Lux: Bright Night At Marina Bay I
Cranamanor13: Not just the Glasses
Topher Photography: Nature’s Spoils
Ozlem Acaroglu(www.ozlemacaroglu.com): when you were the only one...
Lemancreation: L1020840-Une histoire d'eau...
George Kurzik: Ben Franklin (IR)
Gary Eastwood: Morning light
JamieMcCracken: Autumn is coming...