David M:: Bird on a stick.
RobertDicks2: This is an excellent new flavor of Kit Kat. You can thank me later.
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RobertDicks2: Dragged my Christmas tree out to the curb today
RobertDicks2: Rain walk in the woods brought me to a "caution" stake in the middle of nowhere.
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Roach Liu: 升天鳳蝶 ─ Pazala eurous asakurae
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Roach Liu: 枯葉蝶 ─ Kallima inachus
twalt0233: Globe Master
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RobertDicks2: We love this. Two straight days of rain in California.
RobertDicks2: We have rain, we have rain!
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Ian@Ormeau: Collecting pollen
Flory photo: Everything can be explained
RobertDicks2: Mundane photography for my own amusement and pleasure
RobertDicks2: Warning: Wife Photo
RobertDicks2: Flowers my daughter just received
RobertDicks2: This vent next door has me worried
RobertDicks2: On my morning walk, a warning to go no further.
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RobertDicks2: My fave bread, nan, for lunch. Yes, I use butter.