leo.roos: Rokkor 55mm magic
leo.roos: Thomas
Andreas-Joachim Lins Photography: Lines - Curves - Red
Darko Jantula: IMGP2231
hej_pk / Philip: Bearing down
hej_pk / Philip: Clipped highlights
Amselchen: Papaver
hej_pk / Philip: Nikon FE with Nikkor 24mm f2.8 AI-S
Amselchen: Robinia pseudoacacia@twilight 2
Amselchen: Philadelphus coronarius
hej_pk / Philip: Peek-a-boo Cat
leo.roos: Nina and Brody
leo.roos: Nina
hasham2: Impressionist Painting
Amselchen: bokeh@Kö, Düsseldorf
leo.roos: My wife came back from the garden centre ...
Photostudio 013: Crocus field
hasham2: Little white flowers
Amselchen: out of forest
Amselchen: in forest 3