jackez2010: Balbusard pêcheur A74 DSC00198_DxO
jackez2010: Mésange bleue juvénile A7403300_DxO
jackez2010: Nourrissage moineau A7403371_DxO
jackez2010: Moineau_A743144_DxO
jackez2010: Balbusard pêcheur A74 00203_DxO
jackez2010: Balbusard pêcheur A74 DSC00202_DxO
jackez2010: Balbusard pêcheur A74 00208_DxO
jackez2010: Balbuzard pêcheur DSC00249_DxO
jackez2010: Buse variable A7400372_DxO
jackez2010: Balbuzard pêcheur DSC00250_DxO
leo.roos: A quiet day on the beach
leo.roos: Bempton Cliffs, gannets
leo.roos: Red-crested pochard _ 2
leo.roos: Eider couple
leo.roos: Polar bear with kill (and ivory gull)
leo.roos: Walrus 1
leo.roos: Walrus 8
leo.roos: Rose-ringed parakeet
leo.roos: The Minolta White Album
leo.roos: Eider
leo.roos: Eider
leo.roos: Polar bear in his environment
leo.roos: Little Auks 5
leo.roos: Walrus 2
jackez2010: Chevrette DSC08477_DxO
leo.roos: Little Auks
leo.roos: Is that John howling behind me?
leo.roos: Spoonbill taking off
leo.roos: Purple sandpiper
leo.roos: Herons in love