jean-marc losey: NYC advertising : rien à cacher !
Peter Denton: Teddington Cemetery: autumn colours
woodwindfarm: Just popped by
Lynn Loomis: Sunset Memorial Park, Albuquerque (3)
Tazmanic: You're just too good to be true
jagaticphotos: Walking away and walking Into Sunset on Hollywood Blvd
Thanathip Moolvong: Nature in B&W
Thanathip Moolvong: Nature in B&W
jean-marc losey: allumée
Lynn Loomis: Storefront window display-Durango, Colorado
Phil Hermans: Pier Blankenberg Belgie
Lynn Loomis: Leading upward to Recreational Distribution Outlet -Durango, Colo.)
Hachimaki123: DSC_1325
Hachimaki123: DSC_1322
Yuki (8-ballmabelleamie): Milwaukee Art Museum
jean-marc losey: quiet day
Cruising, traveling & dive pics.: Squid at Taylor Reef
Drummerdelight: Girl from the city - D
Tazmanic: I'll be here till the end of time
bentspine: one sweet drop of amber nectar
Hachimaki123: DSC_1316
dweible1109: Mt Evans DSC7390
Drummerdelight: Lemon - duet Hans & Lemon
paulbrannan: Making Waves
Ampersand72: TopNotch Car Show
Felice_Miccadei: ... verso l'80° parallelo nord (14) ... dove l'occhio umano si interrompe...
paulbrannan: Castanets and a mobile
Croydon Clicker: Red and Grey
dweible1109: The Wild Animal Sanctuary DSC7351
5d3shooter: tennessee (24).jpg