arthur.strathearn: orPHic egg worship - ancient and modern 02
arthur.strathearn: orPHic egg worship - ancient and modern 01
leo.roos: The sky is the limit
Thomas Cizauskas: Bike Shop
Greatest Paka Photography: Diego Rivera's 'Opponent of Nazism'
Thomas Cizauskas: Beer sign?
grafxmangrafxman: IMG_1370
grafxmangrafxman: IMG_7336
grafxmangrafxman: IMG_1609
arthur.strathearn: Albrecht Dürer entered into the CONTRACT of the ARCH
arthur.strathearn: hieroPHantic worship of the orPHic egg
leo.roos: Autumn colouring the cycle path
leo.roos: Always pointing at each other
arthur.strathearn: Albrecht Dürer - The Widow's Son
grafxmangrafxman: IMG_1146
Greatest Paka Photography: Under The Rainbow
leo.roos: Rare and mysterious road marking
grafxmangrafxman: IMG_2189
leo.roos: Closed door
leo.roos: Italy: dangerous right bend and rough weather ahead
leo.roos: Before the rain
leo.roos: The dreaded sign
leo.roos: I got a text message in my dream
Thomas Cizauskas: Wind chime & butterfly
Thomas Cizauskas: Proud to vote for Stacey Abrams
grafxmangrafxman: IMG_0386
Thomas Cizauskas: Trail narrows
leo.roos: Z has lost its innocence
arthur.strathearn: The sPHinx and the PHaraohs