rgcmcelroy: Morning Mist (and gull)
rgcmcelroy: Approaching Presqu'isle
Torben*: Amrum 07074259
jwvraets: Tagging, Alley Off King William
User2130: Renens
maxathier: Château de Joux
CVIja(x): Moody Waters
CVIja(x): YAAB: Frozen
jvde: Haywire Vay
Torben*: Amrum 07144936
rgcmcelroy: Oak Highland Trail in Late Fall
walter_g: Slowly Devouring A Tree Stump 8-11-21
Torben*: Amrum 07144925
Torben*: Amrum 07144927
emaspounder: Nova
Torben*: Amrum 07144924
maxathier: Rising slowly
Torben*: Amrum 07144923
rgcmcelroy: Beaver Pond with Dead Birch Trees.
walter_g: To The Beach
Torben*: Amrum 07144916
maxathier: An Argentinan Grand Prix car powered by a Cadillac V16 !
furlanetto.maury78: Casoni di Vegni
jwvraets: Park Bench & Budget Demolition, Gore Park
Torben*: Amrum 07134851
walter_g: Junk Store
tongkm: LOVE is Behind you
Desert Sun Images: McNary Dam
furlanetto.maury78: Cigno (swan)
jwvraets: The Scream: Red pepper On Maple Leaves