clive246: Lupins on Lake Tekapo shore.
Mplanells: Diciembre
dironzafrancesco: trees and water 15.)1911-6227
Duke.Box: Speicherstadt im Nebel (with making of)
clive246: Kingston on the southern shore of Lake Wakatipu
clive246: Kingston Flyer Steamer Quay
Guillermo Quintanilla del Río: GQR09875-Sony-A7-M2-Carmona-Noviembre-2019
Paul C Stokes: Better late than never
Mplanells: Boira
dironzafrancesco: nature preserve 10.)1911-6219
dironzafrancesco: Wissengubel Höhle 5.)1908-5427
mimite77: L'Ecole rivière
clive246: Milford Sound on a winter afternoon
Duke.Box: Hemmelsdorfer See (with making of)
Duke.Box: Stadthausbrücke - Hamburg
dironzafrancesco: forest 3.)1911-6212
SpuDan: Fossardalur Waterfall (Múlafoss?), Iceland
Guillermo Quintanilla del Río: GQR09874-Sony-A7-M2-Carmona-Noviembre-2019
Guillermo Quintanilla del Río: GQR09867-Sony-A7-M2-Carmona-Noviembre-2019
clive246: Bee on Cherry Blossoms
Guillermo Quintanilla del Río: GQR09862-Sony-A7-M2-Carmona-Noviembre-2019
SpuDan: Dynjandi Waterfall, Iceland
SpuDan: Dynjandisá Waterfall (2)
hakuunsai: Mt. Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi
hakuunsai: Mt. Fuji
dironzafrancesco: coastal landscape La Regalina 1.)1909-5542
pstenzel71: In the Woods
Paul C Stokes: 385 Days
clive246: Brunel Peaks from the Tuatapere - Manapouri Road
dironzafrancesco: sunset Tapia de Casariego 16.)1909-5519