jorarch-burren: ....crossing....
Thdenz: St Micheal's Mount
Ody on the mount: Small Clouds...
Circa MCMLX: Undulation
Ody on the mount: Mars Base...
jorarch-burren: ....nowhere....
Photographer South Florida: Maher Building, 1423 20th Street, Vero Beach, Florida, USA / Built: 1920 / Floors: 2 / Architectural Style: Mediterranean Revival Style / NRHP reference # 94001274 / Added to NRHP: October 28, 1994
wernerfunk: Hohe Tatra Slowakei
Kai-Uwe Klauss: in the mirror IIX
jorarch-burren: ....the risen Mary......
jorarch-burren: ....please do drop by sometime.....
Photographer South Florida: City of Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida, USA
paulantony2: Assembly
Heiko Röbke: on the top!
mswan777: Intersection of Lenox and Peachtree, Buckhead
O l l i . B .: i i i Î Î
mswan777: Sovereign Tower, Buckhead
Ody on the mount: Dark Skies...
mswan777: Outdoor Patio just after closing
mswan777: Illuminated
drbonn: Lister Meile
Photographer South Florida: City of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, USA
Photographer South Florida: Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, 1301 Western Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA / Built: 1933 / Architects: Alfred T. Fellheimer, Steward Wagner, Paul Philippe Cret, Roland Wank / Architectural Style: Art Deco / Designated NHL: May 5, 1977
Giles McGarry (formerly kantryla): Conservatories at night