BigSkies98: Spikey
paulantony2: Westendstrasse 4
FloBue: Bilbao n.1
Richard Denney: Rain in the desert. Big Bend Nat'l Park.
Photographer South Florida: City of Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida, USA
FloBue: _1040355-Modifica-1
artist:DAX: Look up
Paulemans: Parallel lines do not intersect in the real plane
fs999: Night Road
BigSkies98: Protection
scampagni: exiting scene
No Great Hurry: Simple Abstract 34 Oslo Streetlife
DJ Wolfman: Rennovation
mswan777: First National Building, Detroit
Photographer South Florida: City of Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA
apodemetes: Full Moon Setting
BigSkies98: Seeds
paulantony2: Westhafen Tower
splatwriter: Moonrise
-- Q --: Out the Blue
E.Wengel: Spreeufer ()
Unsettler: Elementary Angles
mswan777: Jefferson and Woodward, Detroit
mswan777: Shadow Study
mswan777: Detroit People Mover, Jefferson Ave
artist:DAX: Just to please me!