ericvlaan: Star and plane trails with a bad tree
bouky1: Faverges du Nantbellet
Alex Zehnder: Dans Bernard, Bel Ombre
Joe Pedit: Star trails on Fujicolor Super G Plus 400 film - 1999 October 14
Andy.Harrison: Dunstall Castle star trails
FX-1988: The pier at the Sea of Galilee
ericvlaan: Orion constellation through an opening in the trees
Andy.Harrison: Panorama Tower star trails
buffer353: Knowlton Church
fish_gareth: Cabbage Hill Star Trail
morosus: 795 st
Alex Savenok: Sometimes, the route to the target, is more important than the target
nhawtin: Garden star trails
sternfreund2017: MASC_StarStaX_20220106
fish_gareth: Classic Star Trail on Cabbage Hill
strollingshuttereyes: Celestial Swirl, 2017
nhawtin: Startrail 2022
Freck Fraser: star trails
Joe Pedit: Half of a rotation - 2021 December 22
LivingStone Images: Geminid meteor shower
joka2000: Star trails
Joe Bob Brim: Circumpolar Star Trails at Erldunda Station - Nov 19, 2007
David Wang Photography: Vortex Star Trails
Freck Fraser: Belladrum Trails
Jeremy Royall: An hour in time
mullewhupp: Startrail Altenhain
somewheredowntheroadphoto: Captured By The Night
Scott Eriksen: Bodie Ghost Town
John Lemieux: Stars Over the Grand Canyon