goodhike: Harpers Ferry street, West Virginia
pauld3563: Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia
donmai651: One God, one love. We all need to learn
iain.davidson100: 9129 Baptist Church Red Hill with shadows 20210414_083613
pauld3563: Rear view, Carpenters Hall, Philadelphia
jmpiano: _3_2021_pho_a9_enc_4th_st_1-21-21_eml_842_e
Chris Toombes: Conversations
4 Pete Seek: Museum Foyer
mandalaybus: Window in Yangon, Burma
JAYKAY144: CHICAGO 2003 (#27 in series) - Chicago IL America 29Oct2003 sRGB web
olwynam1: Chadkirk Historic Chapel, Stockport
goodhike: Three Valley Gap Firehall in British Columbia, Canada
RogerGW187: Soutra Aisle, Fala
denisbin: Urrbrae House. Arts and crafts stairs to the musicians gallery . House built in 1891 for Peter Waite of Paratoo sheep station near Yunta.
denisbin: Urrbrae House Sth Aust. Ceiling panels in the grand hall with the music gallery. Urrbrae House built for Scottish born pastoralist Peter Waite in 1891.He bought the small original Urrbrae House in 1874. Demolished for this to be built.
denisbin: Yorketown. Water tower art 2021. Two important images of the town the Royal Flying Doctor plane which takes the seriously ill to the Royal Adelaide Hospital and a windmill. The town had a windmill manufacturer for many years
Paranoid30: Museo Studio Francesco Messina - 002
yuyosimu: biogon28
yuyosimu: biogon28
goodhike: Winthrop, Western-themed town, in Washington State
Pascal_t_ih: Kimpton Fitzroy London
yuyosimu: biogon28
Cetus13: walking in the Peterhof park
RD1630: DSC08707
RD1630: DSC08747
RD1630: DSC08764
Enrico Schellin: Alt und Neu