Trevorh105: Ribble 1686 (NRN586)
yeahwotever: Going Underground.
Trevorh105: Ribble 338 (NCK338J)
yeahwotever: Wheel, Spring & Link.
vedebe: C'est pas gagné!! / It will not be easy!!
Trevorh105: Stockport 765 & Blackpool 623
Trevorh105: Ribble 1686 (NRN586)
yeahwotever: Shunt.
yeahwotever: Running Back.
yeahwotever: Detached.
yeahwotever: Head to Head.
yeahwotever: Await Instructions.
yeahwotever: Stepping Down.
yeahwotever: Picking Up Speed.
yeahwotever: 16:35 to Matanzas.
yeahwotever: Other end of #703.
vedebe: Le septième ciel? / Seventh heaven?
vedebe: Où donner de la tête? / Which way to look?
vedebe: Le viaduc englouti... / The engulfed viaduct
vedebe: Cracheur de foule.... / Crowd spiter...
vedebe: Regards... / Eyes...
vedebe: La mélodie du TGV / The melody of the TGV
Ye-Di: Germany - Berlin [186] - Kudamm [xx] - front
yeahwotever: Running Light.
yeahwotever: Jinty at the waterhole.
yeahwotever: Abandoned to the brambles - Gwili 1990.
yeahwotever: Smoke Signals.
yeahwotever: Supervised Coupling.