vedebe: Le septième ciel? / Seventh heaven?
vedebe: Où donner de la tête? / Which way to look?
vedebe: Le viaduc englouti... / The engulfed viaduct
vedebe: Cracheur de foule.... / Crowd spiter...
vedebe: Regards... / Eyes...
vedebe: La mélodie du TGV / The melody of the TGV
Ye-Di: Germany - Berlin [186] - Kudamm [xx] - front
yeahwotever: Running Light.
yeahwotever: Jinty at the waterhole.
yeahwotever: Abandoned to the brambles - Gwili 1990.
yeahwotever: Smoke Signals.
yeahwotever: Supervised Coupling.
yeahwotever: British Railways.
yeahwotever: Eccentric Crank.
yeahwotever: Railway Men.
yeahwotever: Cock o’ the North.
yeahwotever: Crew change?
yeahwotever: 9S10 Minerals
yeahwotever: 9D23 Minerals
vedebe: SNCF à l'heure, retardataire frustré..... / SNCF on time, latecomer frustrated...
Ye-Di: Hungary - Hajdúszoboszló [002] - 1970 - front
Ye-Di: Germany - Berlin [184] - Tempelhof [04] - 1966 - front
vedebe: Voies parallèles.. / Parallel tracks..
vedebe: Le dernier wagon... / The last waggon...
vedebe: Départ Hall 2 voie 4 / Departure Hall 2 Platform 4
vedebe: Le train fantôme... / The ghost train...
vedebe: Attention au départ! / Beware of departure!
vedebe: Dans la tête de Jack! / Inside Jack's head!