CVIja(x): Early Autumn Oak Leaf'eh Foliage turning red and yellow
Joe Effendi (Always Late!): "And fortune comes in threes But I wish I knew that number"
Ney Bokeh: Noct-NIKKOR 58 mm 1.2
rjwelander: _5310024_Vivitar Series 1 105mm 2.5 shot at f4 in the morning sun May 31, 2022 at 5:29 AM
Marko Filić: Three hazelnuts
Marut Rata: pink Hibiscus by the window 🌸🍃
FJS 77: JUST AMAZING Vintage Lens
Sebastian Pier Filip: Projector lens LOMO J-54 85mm f/2 (ЛОМО Ж-54 85mm f/2)
Sally Rose Dolak: Double Spiral
ahmerinam: Bokeh Swirl at Sunset
alanwingtech: Fireworks in very slo-mo
Peter_Wa: autumn colors - Herbstfarben
Ney Bokeh: Noct-NIKKOR 58 mm 1.2
Don White (Burnaby): Spider Macro
colorgraVie: Sommerrittersporn
Tero Karppinen: [Small Fungi 31.2 | 20221003-A7209167.JPG]
Chatograph73: autumn colours are coming
a.cheerful.texas: three white lilies
Nick Cowling: Much Room
Nick Cowling: Sowbread
Don White (Burnaby): Sunlit Rose
CVIja(x): Lotus Flower