sia.merlin: Zoroastrian tower of silence
sia.merlin: Hello winter
sia.merlin: Christmas decoration
sia.merlin: City of iran
sia.merlin: Graffiti
jopperbok: Shoot From The Hip, Ask Questions Later
jopperbok: You can put me in a suit but I'll never grow up
jopperbok: Around the bend
happad fotografie: Bokeh stars of the christmaslights
月野 Faby Fotografia: A tasty bread, peanut butter with bananas and a glass of milk.
Dana Cristea: Primele rade ale diminetii
Dana Cristea: Dumesti, Alba
jopperbok: Do it yourself
happad fotografie: Hey it’s that time of the year again, days are dark nights are cold, but it’s warm and cosy at home.
月野 Faby Fotografia: Cactus house.
月野 Faby Fotografia: Sunbathing on wooden utensils.
月野 Faby Fotografia: Dry leaf of hibiscus 🌺🍃
月野 Faby Fotografia: Peach jam 🍑
月野 Faby Fotografia: Purple Queen Bougainvillea - Polaroid
月野 Faby Fotografia: I loved my gifts!
月野 Faby Fotografia: What was in the box.