Mrs.WQ: Connecticut Seascapes and Sunsets #45
Joseph Hollick: Tugboat Pushing Cargo on Mississippi River in Savanna Illinois
shin ikegami: This work is 32/33 works taken on 2020/8/6
shin ikegami: This work is 31/33 works taken on 2020/8/6
jean-paulevertse: Mattemburgh
Alan Burkwood: 37407 + 37402. Re-routed RHTT.
bnwchris: 2020-10-22_02-38-04
mal265: DariaBW
brandonquatro: Ageing 1920's overhead rail structures looking south towards the Merri Creek Bridge
shayne87: A Scene from October: 15
T. Brian Hager: IMG_5967
Towner Images: Garston docks
Karel Warburg: Autumn in my Hometown.
Mrs.WQ: Taking it to the City Streets-Cleveland
holdinghausenm: Frostiger Herbstmorgen
T. Brian Hager: Polaroid - Railroad bridge img465
Towner Images: art deco styling in clay brick
ginescarvajalm: IMG_7375-3
andrzejskałuba: Przegorzan.
Bilderlink: Berner Altstadt - Old Town of Bern
anne.mear: Le Printemps en automne
shayne87: The Colors of Autumn 26
Julio Millán: Pinzón
Karsten Kretz: P8142625
Peraion: Clouds swept by the autumn wind
Luca Paccusse: Rome, Italy, 2018
showmesavings: High In The Rocky Mountains
jimbo522012: The Falls of Foyer, Loch Ness, Scotland