markshephard800: Reflection x2
aotaro: Mount Fuji seen from a rocky beach
Nu Mero: Hagelstein
RobertCross1 (off and on): Southwest O‘ahu Sunset
markshephard800: Straight wave...Tilted sea and rays.
Redheadwondering: river of gold
aotaro: A calm and tranquil morning
Redheadwondering: contre jour copse
leofg37: DSCF3184
aotaro: Lakeside morning glow
markshephard800: Afternoon Delight
markshephard800: Spirit in the Sky
markshephard800: Sunset glory
aotaro: Tokyo during the new year celebration period
Goran Bangkok: It's a rush to get the temples ready for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.
aotaro: Mount Fuji from Tagonoura, Shizuoka, Japan
aotaro: Just before sunrise
markshephard800: Stag heads of Frasers
NH Old Bug: Our lilac in its winter bloom
KronaPhoto: Glazed slopes in sunset, Norefjell, Norway
aotaro: Yokohama Hammerhead with its opening ceremony fireworks
markshephard800: Sunlit chimneys, Edinburgh University
Redheadwondering: a pair of young oaks at sunset
aotaro: Coast of Kanagawa, Japan
Redheadwondering: finish where I started
tieriarcangelo: IMG_20191227_1635221
Redheadwondering: Christmas day sunset
Redheadwondering: Christmas day sunset too
Nu Mero: Grand Ried