Caty V. mazarias antoranz: Two pretty flowers.
Adrian Walker.: Great Central Railway 1940s weekend
Christa Annarumma: “Shoes and soles.“
Christa Annarumma: “Sugar and Salt“
Christa Annarumma: Und FREITAGS gibt es FISCH 🐟
citylife flavors: Girls chatting under the Halles Canopée
antefixus21: RCMI Pistol Club at CFB Borden Langemark Range - 162
antefixus21: Metal Bookends with an Aboriginal Theme
BlackWatch2000: German women having a bit of fun for the camera during WW2
1toplabel: Label Pair
paul.agnelli: IC1848- nébuleuse de l'âme
josepponsibusquet.: Campaments Refugiats Sahrauís - Desigualtats entre el Primer i el Tercer món.
josepponsibusquet.: "Pinxos" de camell.
1toplabel: Label Pair
place bel-air: Africans roots
antefixus21: Xxx 1/wk only - A walk around midtown Barrie, Ontario
Martin Ujlaki - (c) All photos: 2021-05-27 - Ville-Marie, Montréal
raaen99: Black Magic Blooms - Preston
Through Serena's Lens: Two of a Kind
antefixus21: Montblanc
lisby1: Agnes And Hazel, October 2021
Carlos Cuerda: ZAMORA. SPAIN.
Carlos Cuerda: ZAMORA. SPAIN.
lisby1: Hatfield Palace, June 2011
Spencer Means: On Rainbow Row: 95 East Bay Street (c.1741, remodeled early 20th C.), Charleston, SC
paullangton: Ohh ! Finley !!!!
Terry Pinnegar Photography: Two Old Welshmen!