neil.rolph: Male Bearded tit.
neil.rolph: Barn owl with Shrew
affinity579: Whitetail Bucks Sparring
mad_8708: P1300112.jpg
Astrelis: Week 2
bojanfuerst: 1407-ChangeIslandsColour006
chad.hanson: Mustang Silhouette
davidteter: SWC Roll 1 (2/12)
Pak T: 2014.11.26-19.18.18
RobertCross1 (off and on): Looking Down on Wahclella
RobertCross1 (off and on): Ponytail Bailey
RobertCross1 (off and on): Goldenmirror at Sparks Lake
RobertCross1 (off and on): Yellowstone Bison Spring Landscape
RobertCross1 (off and on): The Master of All He Surveys
RobertCross1 (off and on): Trillium Sunset Tranquility
RobertCross1 (off and on): Hurricane Ridge Inhabitant
AlaskaFreezeFrame: Grizzly Bear With An Itch - Standing Up Against A Tree
Joost (formerly habeebee): Found photos, collection 3
Simon Théberge: jeune orignal / juvenile moose
peter_hasselbom: Flibberty
YellowstoneNPS: Bull bison
YellowstoneNPS: Bison at Terrace Spring
Takashina: 000023850007(01)