Andy@astrophotography: The Pelican Nebula
Roger Hutchinson: 20200530 21-24 Deslandre Region
Roger Hutchinson: 20200530 21-24 Deslandre Region - Annotated
Epiphany Appleseed: Full Strawberry Moon, June 2020
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Ted Dobosz: Jupiter and Ganymede 5th June 2020
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Jaicoa: SUN-2020-06-05-1534ut_Ha_EMr
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Mark Sansom: NGC2835 In the constellation Hydra at a distance of 35 Million light years. Taken from Suburbia.
tbird0322: Alpine Valley and Plato
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singmong: Strawberry Moon
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Roger Hutchinson: 20200530 21-17 Rupes Recta
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Lucca Vanoni Ruggiero: HIP 50954 and HIP 50976