DieterLo1: German Championships in Plowing a Field with 2 Working Horses - Beside the Hessenpark Museum
DieterLo1: Working Horse - Hessenpark Germany - The next Tour with the Horses and Wagon will start soon - just a short break
DieterLo1: German Champions in Plowing a field - Draft Horses in Germany - During a Large Festival on the Bauer Lipp Farm in Weiterstadt near Darmstadt with many Thousands of Guests
DieterLo1: German Champion Horse plowing a field - Shows during Festival on the Lipp Farm in Weiterstadt, Germany 2019 -
DieterLo1: Fahrturnier in Mainz- Bodenheim
DieterLo1: Horses and Waggon during a Festival in the Open Air Museum Hessenpark, Germany
Terry Pinnegar Photography: Out for a Jaunt!
Terry Pinnegar Photography: British Army Field Kitchen
Terry Pinnegar Photography: 16th Lancers Cavalry Soldier
Terry Pinnegar Photography: A Meeting of Different Worlds
Peter_D_91: Police Horses on Patrol
Peter_D_91: Police Horses on Patrol
Peter_D_91: Police Horses on Patrol
orangevolvobusdriver4u: Fuhrwerk 30's
orangevolvobusdriver4u: Fuhrwerk 30's
Happy Snapper 61: Clipperty clop
velodenz: "Chair-Ho!"
velodenz: Interlaken Horsepower
PeterF124: McMullens Brewery Dray, Hertord
PeterF124: McMullens Brewery Dray, Hertord
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