Lázaro A. dos Santos: Spring field - Concorde Square! - Paris
Simon Stobart: Bearded Tit
Fil.ippo: Ravello
Birute54: Nemunas River
Markus Branse: Noonamah, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Guy Lichter Photography - 5.1M views Thank you: Young raccoon playing peekaboo
madfozy: IXP Sweeper A
CODA: MARINE 475: Antelope Canyon
Juan María Coy: Milky way over the Cross' workers monument (451m), also known as "the tomb", reigning the valley at the Cenajo dam. Férez, Socovos, Hellín (Albacete, Spain)
TRS969: River of fog.
pe_ha45: Spotted eagle-owl - Fleckenuhu
NUNZG: The Landing
Simon Stobart: Little Owl
Matthes S.: östliche Diamantklapperschlange
Michelangelo Ambrosini: Ponte e Castel Sant'Angelo
Olof Virdhall: Magnificent View
Paolo Gennari: DSC_8391_01a
Capepaperu (thanks for 4 M+ views): Pseudoanthias hypselosoma, Stocky Anthias, Riffbarsche
Histgeo: Mauritius ïle Maurice : Coucher de soleil sur l'océan Indien, Sunset on the Indian Ocean from Mauritius island, Sonnenuntergang auf dem indischen Ozean von dem Mauritius Insel.
mark f2.9: Landing Imminently
Nils Axel Braathen: J77A4590 -- Flamingos in Lyon
NUNZG: In the morning light
Mejxu: Try to Fly
ACEZandEIGHTZ: Has These Flowers Covered
celestino2011: Nature is magical 1
karen leah: Sedge warbler calling...