ritomo: L1000178
ritomo: L1000171
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ritomo: L1000150
C K Davies: Playground climbing rope fraying
C K Davies: Rainbows End - Holiday Inn Express Junction 44, M4!
C K Davies: Sunbathing today in the chilly wind
C K Davies: I’m coming over, need a scratch.
em_landre: Lines
em_landre: Beach day
em_landre: Silhouette
em_landre: A sunny day on the beach
em_landre: Lines
GJosephT: Things are looking up
vicrattlehead5150: L1160577-Edit
vicrattlehead5150: L1160586-Edit
em_landre: Messersmith BF 109
em_landre: Saab 35S Draken
em_landre: Over the the "Dragon's" wing
em_landre: Sola Beach
em_landre: Focused
C K Davies: Craig Gwladys Country Park
em_landre: A meal
em_landre: Convesation