Tom Ramsey: Fog and Sun
Bill Rosmus: Found Film from 1997 [Explored]
Ger Veuger: Engbertsdijksvenen
jojo54th: Teich in den Boombergen
Moeato: Village Park Swansea
vaneramos: Pond by Avon Trail
moltofredo: untitled
jano45: Golden hour
ninasclicks: Have a great week!
BDFri2012: Colorful turn of events (Explore, 10/26/21)
Geronimo52: Herbststern
rebfoto...: Autumn Leaves 1 ... (c)rebfoto
Thoschm: 20211023_084127
bluehazyjunem: Turning...
murozo: Surrounded by autumnal trees
rainertessmann: French autumn wood
petra.wruck: Dorfteich in Badow
mpalmer934: Fall trees & leaves
wanderland journal: autumnal sunbeams in the forest
heiliruutel: Autumn by the lake
P. HELLíN: Otoño en Lago San Maurici
bschoene82: Herbstgefühl
Constant Favier: Autumn on the water
HW111: You’ve changed...
Pepestrains: Beverley Westwood
Ken'sKam: Ogle Lake, Brown County State Park, Indiana
Anavicor: 19_Pine cones and branches
Anavicor: 22_Atardecer en el parque_Explore